Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's quite embarrassing when people send me e-mails telling me that "you're welcoming friends and feedbacks but never let us to have the chance to do so.

Yeah, I am certainly having none of my contact details in any of my blogs -- I'm sorry about that. I was like having the 'phobia' thing to have those abusive people messing on my mail box. So for those who have my email (I once put it in this blog before), you're very lucky~~ lol.. ;p

and I disabled the comments section since I started this blog; also due to 'phobia' with my previous blog. It was like having an 'out of control' manner -- and I was like, "What the hell?? The comments were like business purposes sort of, the xxx stuffs ... blabla,"

However, (as I'm listening to their feedbacks) I'm thinking to give my readers some space to talk/give feedbacks/thank/request/report and to befriend me! I'd appreciate every single form sent to me :)